there’s someone there?

there’s someone there?
I see every month my statistics, I have not so many visitors but my website is only a showcase of my illustrations so I’m very satisfied about viewers numbers.

The only one question is: is it possible that noone leaves me a message, a critic, a bad word or something?

I always had a guestbook but in this last version I have removed it because none says a word!

If  you have visited my website and looking my illustrations thought “Wow, bleah, LoL, garbage, fantastic or other..” …shout it!

Already I live in a city that a circle or square they don’t care so I need your opinion!
I do my best in my best time to became a better artist!
All my illustrations are a soul’s battery charger for me!
To anyone I left a emotion or feeling, bad or good, shout it!

Thanks unknown friend.

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